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MARSANARYAS INVESTMENTS is a consulting and strategic investment company for new currencies (mainly Bitcoins and Ethereums). We accompany you in the creation of your digital account, we advise you on the different methods of buying, selling and we follow carefully the price of currencies. All the information we publish comes from reliable sources and is public. Between February 2011 and July 2017 the Bitcoin rose from 4.15 € to 2 043 € and the number of compagnies using this currency in the world is constantly increasing. Ethereum is a protocol similar to the Bitcoin, a little less known with a very strong potential.

We mainly advise individuals and businesses (initiation, investment, buying, selling, setting up the system) and retrieving reliable information and reliable sources is our job. We also want to demystify the use of cryptocurrency and make this technology accessible to all.

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Prices - 22/10/2017 - 15:22 (FR)

Bitcoin BTC :   4999.25 €   / Ethereum ETH :   252.04 €  

The alert system of our financial robot is temporarily disabled.
The alert system of our financial robot (v1 - by emails) is a free service currently reserved for Honorary Members. Maximum and minimum values ​​are regularly updated by the team.


          Nouveau : Nous proposons des formations en ligne personnalisées et en français.

Au programme : Les bases du fonctionnement de la crypto-monnaie, la création d'un portefeuille numérique, les meilleurs plateformes d'achat et de vente, l'investissement et le trading. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter.


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A consulting and strategic investment company for new currencies (Bitcoins / Ethereums)